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Yes! This is a Restaurant

By FDL on

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Yes! This is a Restaurant

This huge concrete island may look like an oil drilling platform but it is in fact the home of a new restaurant in the Amsterdam.

Designed by the award winning architects Concrete, the building consists of of three floors, the bottom made up of office space with the second and third floor making up space for a restaurant. It sits 15 meters off shore and is 12 meters off the ground resting on columns.

Details of the restaurant are still vague with most information referring to the build of the structure. This is because the original building was used back in 1964 as a place to broadcast a Dutch pirate radio station before federal police closed it down after just 4 months. The architects have taken the original building, restored and resurrected it off the shore of Houthaven in Amsterdam.

With a public terrace on the roof that's 25 meters high the restaurant is sure to offer some spectacular views of the whole of Amsterdam, and what a great place to have enjoy a meal.

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