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Food Serving Sizes: Smaller Than You Think

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Food Serving Sizes: Smaller Than You Think

Most food packages contain recommended serving sizes and although most people don't pay much attention to these guidelines the team over at Buzz Feed have taken them to make a video that shows the difference between the recommended serving sizes and the amounts that people actually consume.

The video points out that serving sizes are shockingly small when you actually see them laid out on the plate, for example, the recommended serving size for peanut butter is two tablespoons and you should only be eating 11 chips a serving.

The Huffington Post quite rightly points out that recommended serving sizes are set by the average amount of food Americans over the age of four consume in a single sitting. This amount is calculated by federal government surveys carried out between 1978 and 1988 - so they're maybe not using the most up to date figures, the bacon weave hadn't even been invented back then.

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