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The Future of Recipe Writing

By FDL on

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The Future of Recipe Writing

In this world of hyper connected people who have the means and the desire to share their life online, a number of traditional forms of media have undergone somewhat of a revival and one of these is recipes.

No longer do people wait for a recipe in the sunday paper before cutting it out to try at home, it's rare that people share recipes on paper and the old style of copying the ingredients and instructions note by note has also changed.

Recipes are now shared with hundreds of people, tweaked, changed, ingredients removed and added. They're constantly evolving with people's personal taste and constantly be changed, re-written and re-blogged across the web.

This has led Alton Brown to question the traditional recipe as we know it today and look at the future of how social media and the way people connect may change the way recipes work forever.

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