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Recipe Suggestions for Unused Ingredients

By FDL on

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Recipe Suggestions for Unused Ingredients

Still got a tin of unknown produce in the kitchen cupboard? A packet of flour that with 5 years date left but for some reason you never use it - some strange ingredient you bought because the name sounded funny?

Our kitchen cupboards are usually full of ingredients and products Awe never seem to use and a new site created by the team over at NPR aims to fix this.

Called Cook Your Cupboard the idea is simple. Users upload images of a selection of cupboard ingredients they never use or just can't decide what to make with them.

Other people on the site then offer up their suggestions and recipes that will put the ingredients to good use.

It's a nice idea and will surely lead to some pretty interesting recipe creations. The theme of food will also be changed by the organizers every couple of weeks.

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