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See The Most Bizarre Restaurant Discount Ever Given

By FDL on

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See The Most Bizarre Restaurant Discount Ever Given
Photo Derek Bridges / Flickr

We’ve seen some pretty crazy restaurant happenings in the years we’ve been running the site, but this one has to be one of the most unbelievable restaurant moves we’ve ever encountered.

A restaurant in California apparently gave a discount to a customer after they saw a rat in the dining room, and how do we know this? Because the waiter decided to give the diner a ‘Seen Rat’ discount on the till.

You have to wonder if they had a button ready to go, as ABC News reports, the restaurant immediately contacted pest control and Health Inspectors say they didn’t find any evidence of rodents, though it hasn’t stopped the original receipt being shared millions of times.

It also caught the attention of James Cordon who decided to give his own take on events during his show.

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