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One Chef's Passion to Win Gold

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One Chef's Passion to Win Gold

Rasmus Kofoed is a Danish chef who in 2011 won the Bocuse d'Or award for his culinary ability.

Speaking at the 2012 Mad Food Camp event in Denmark the chef was welcomed on stage by Daniel Boulud who gave him a very warm welcome and highlighted the chefs dedication to his work in the industry. Kofead talked about the nine years it took him to reach his dream of becoming a chef and winning gold in the Bocuse d'Or.

He discusses his passion and need to be the best at whatever he does and how he gets satisfaction from building dishes that he conceives in his head. He discusses how his passion led him to travel the world watching other competitions to understand how to put together even better plates of food. He says he lost a girlfriend on the way and it's a real insight into the work of a chef who has a dream he wants to achieve.

It's an interesting and extremely honest video from a chef who is designing some of the most beautiful plates of food in the world.

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