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Ramsay Meets A Chef Who Can't Boil an Egg

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Ramsay Meets A Chef Who Can't Boil an Egg

One of Gordon Ramsay’s television shows is called Hotel Hell,  it works a lot like his previous shows with a focus on using his skills to fix failing hotels, it also provides reels of new video showing the angry chef getting, well, angry.

In one the latest videos released on the his YouTube channel, Ramsay is totally shocked to find a chef who can’t even boil an egg.

“It still has feathers on,” jokes Ramsay as the waitress delivers a simple boiled egg that is badly undercooked.

To be fair to him, the egg comes after a host of bad dishes and him asking the chef to cook him a simple egg. The best bit comes at the end when Ramsay decides to confront the chef in his own kitchen.

Here's what happens if you serve him a bad steak... 


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