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Ramsay Slams Big Restaurant Critic

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Ramsay Slams Big Restaurant Critic

Big chefs and big critics have big fights and Gordon Ramsay is not one to back away from a fight. The angry chef has had some pretty big riffs in his time, remember when he threw A.A.Gill out of his restaurant? Well, now Ramsay is back biting at the critics and this time it’s the restaurant critic Giles Coren in his target.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Ramsay spoke about food blogs and food critics, in particular his view on Giles Coren and his role as the presenter of the Million Dollar Critic show.

On blogs, Ramsay seems to be positive: "The whole blog thing has only improved chefs.” He added that the advent of food bloggers means that chefs “get the feedback earlier.”

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On Coren, however, he wasn’t so positive.

“I saw an ad for Giles Coren's Million Dollar Critic show - 'I've closed restaurants, I've made chefs cry…' Giles Coren, you pompous prick! Seriously. Come on, Lord Napoleon! When I worked with him on The F Word he wouldn't drink the wine we served and he'd send the waiter out to buy his own expensive stuff. Critics walk into restaurants now and they shiver because they're already full. In the Nineties they had power - and bile - but they can't close us down any more."

It’s an interesting view that Ramsay takes, though we’re still pretty sure him and his chefs take it seriously when a big critic walks through the door.

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