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Three Michelin Star Restaurant Swaps Plates for iPads

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Three Michelin Star Restaurant Swaps Plates for iPads
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iPad menus are fairly ubiquitous these days and they also make great chopping boards, but serving three Michelin star food on tablets? More common than you think.

Quince in San Francisco, which collected a third star in the most recent Michelin Guide, is the latest to employ iPads in its plating, serving a dish called “A Dog in Search of Gold,” which consists of white truffle croquettes served on an iPad playing footage of a dog searching for, yes you guessed it, truffles.

It’s a pretty dish, but it's difficult to tell from the video below how much this really enhances the dining experience. There is also, as Food Beast reports, a frog leg dish featuring video of a frog hopping around. There doesn't appear to be any sound.



A Dog In Search Of Gold

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In response to hygiene concerns, the restaurant responded: “The food does not directly sit on top of the iPad. The removable plexi sheath is washed and sanitized after every use in keeping with all other plate ware.”

Quince isn’t the first restaurant of this calibre to employ such out there plating ideas. The three Michelin star Arzak in San Sebastian has been using iPads for some time – check out the video below, while Andreas Caminada of Switzerland's Schloss Schauenstein has previously experimented with illumination.

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