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The Queen's Favorite Dishes

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The Queen's Favorite Dishes

The Queen of England is admired for her grace, class and fortune. You would think Her Majesty dines on the most eleborate and exquisitive dishes all the time. But the Queen Elizabeth II is a simple woman at heart.  Her favorite foods? Jam sandwiches, chocolate cake and Special K cereal.

Darren McGrady, a chef for the Royal family for 15 years, gave the Daily Mail the full scoop on foods the Queen's favorite dishes. It turns out Her Majesty sticks to a four-meal a day plan and simple dishes like grilled sole over wilted spinach. She also indulges in a gin and Dubonnet cocktail before bed.

Food of the royals has become a hot topic as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is this weekend. Famous British chef Heston Blumenthal will make a special Diamond Jubilee Strawberry Crumble Crunch for the Queen as she celebrates her 60 years of reign. Other celebratory events inlude a cake-themed rooftop golf course.


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