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Get to Know Purple Ube, the Colourful Filipino Yam

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Get to Know Purple Ube, the Colourful Filipino Yam
Photo @nosharazzi / Instagram

Purple ube (pronounced "oo–bay") is a type of yam found in many Filipino dishes – it looks like any other yam, but when cut open reveals rich violet colouring, which in turn permeates into the food it’s added to, having been cooked first, including cakes, breads and pies.

Perhaps its most popular use is in ice cream, and purple ice cream can be found all over the Philippines. Now, thanks to the power of Instagram and a seemingly insatiable hunger for brightly coloured foodstuffs, the purple ube is making it big Stateside. Check out the purple ice cream in the shots below. We think it looks delicious, but what does it actually taste like? Well, just like yam apparently, which sure makes for an interesting, if strange ice cream.

UPDATE: Brooklyn's Manilla Social Club has developed a range of ube donuts (trend, let me introduce you to trend), including a super premium gold option at $1000 (!) a dozen, or a slightly more affordable standard option at $40 a dozen.

Have you heard about the blue vegan latte that doesn’t contain any coffee?


We have a couple spots left for Donuts for Friday! Please Pre-Order at our website Now for tomorrow! Picks-up are at 12noon or 4pm for Friday! Pre-order tonight for Ube Donuts for tomorrow! Thank you to customer @robyee for this purple awesome pic of the Ube Baes! Thank you to all our loyal customers! We will always make Fresh Donuts for everybody! Every single one is hand-piped, hand-dipped, and freshly made for each of our customers! #manilasocialclub#williamsburg#brooklyn#filipinofood#ube#donuts#ubedonut#handmade#f52grams#nyceats#eater#filipinokitchen#huffposttaste#desserts#filipinofoodmovement#saveur#foodandwine#forkyeah#feedfeed#chicago#eater#buzzfeast#hypefeast#newforkcity#eatmunchies#eeeeeats#feastagram#buzzfeedfoods#infatuation#dailyfoodfeed#nytfood

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