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The Raindrop Cake is Back and It's Purple

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The Raindrop Cake is Back and It's Purple
Photo Raindrop Cake

Remember the Raindrop Cake, the Japanese agar dessert that was all over the internet 18 months ago? Well it's back and this time it's purple.

Otherwise known as mizu shingen mochi or simply, water cake, this traditonal Japanese dish was adapted and renamed by chef Darren Wong and basically broke the Internet when it went on sale at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg.

Now Wong has developed a new version for 2017, made with purple ube, the sweet potato popular in Filipino cuisine. He serves along with sweetened coconut milk and cocunut jelly for a nice flavour boost.

Watch Wong talking about this latest creation in the video from Mashable below, and further down, find out how to make your own Japanese water cake at home.

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