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First Protein Bakery Coming to the England

By FDL on

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First Protein Bakery Coming to the England

The Protein Works is set to be the first ever protein bakery in the UK, baking a line of goods that will be packed with extra protein.

The sale of protein enriched products has been on the rise for a while now and the company behind the bakery hope to tap into this emerging market with a collection of products such as protein popcorn, pancakes and even truffles.

The Protein Works is a company that specialise in low fat, high protein goods and they hope to be the move will surely place them as one of the leaders in the market.

Speaking to Food Manufacture, co-founder Mark Coxhead said: “The bakery will allow us to bake products daily for the ultimate in fresh protein snacks and to create a rand that would rival any unhealthy collection of desserts for taste and texture”.

Just how long is it before we’re all worried about the amount of proteins we’re consuming and an all carb bakery is the news?

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