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A Restaurant Kitchen for The Home

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A Restaurant Kitchen for The Home

We recently brought you the news of the rise in sales of sous vide cooking equipment into the home, a market that is feeding a growing trend in amateur cooks intent on using high-end professional equipment at home.

It seems the research team over at Electrolux have been looking at the same figures, recently announcing their own professional kitchen for the home.

Costing around $160,000 the kitchen doesn't come cheap but does come with all the mod cons of a professional kitchen, including - Sous vide cooker and vacuum pac, a cooking stove designed alongside Alain Ducasse and the British chef Tom Aikens and a cooking system that can apparently disperse different temperatures to different parts of  ingredients.

Called The Grand Cuisine, the product is yet another sign of the growing interest in professional cooking techniques in the home. As Ennio Pippia from Electrolux said “Our research has shown that whilst many home cooks are experimenting with expert cooking techniques, the missing ingredient for creating a restaurant experience at home has been access to professional tools. With Electrolux Grand Cuisine, we have created an interactive and intuitive, intelligent system that will help the at home chef achieve the same world class results you’d expect from a Michelin-star restaurant."

It's certain that the Grand Cuisine comes packed with all the tools, tricks, sensors and gadgets you'd ever need, even in a restaurant kitchen but what the manual or the kit can't give you are the thousands of hours in the kitchen, the burns, the cuts and the sleepless nights. The years of practice and the dedication required to make the truly remarkable food of chefs like Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, Grant Achatz or Rene Redzepi.

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