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The Egg for Those “Too Busy, or Too Stupid, to Boil an Egg”

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The Egg for Those “Too Busy, or Too Stupid, to Boil an Egg”

It seems that boiling a soft boiled egg is getting so difficult in the modern day a company in England has plans to launch a pre-cooked egg that guarantees a soft yolk every time.  

Yes, a pasteurized egg that has already been cooked in it's shell. Users are then expected to add hot water to the eggs container and leave for 5 minutes, even though it takes just as long to make a fresh soft boiled egg. The company behind The Dippy Egg say that even if it's left for over five minutes the yolk will remain soft and runny.

The makers of the product Pork Farms claim that it's an innovation for those " “too busy, or too stupid, to boil an egg” with Mark Hodson who works for the company telling The Grocer: "“We’re looking at innovation in traditional markets and want to reinvent them with disruptive innovation”.

It's hardly reinventing the wheel but we can see the benefits of having an easy to make egg for on-the-go. However, we're not really sure eggs need to be played with, we kind of like them as they are and let's be honest, nothing's going to beat the yolk of a freshly laid egg.

Via The Telegraph

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