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Pop-Ups Are Here to Stay and People Will Pay More to Attend Them

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Pop-Ups Are Here to Stay and People Will Pay More to Attend Them

It seems the trend of pop-up restaurants is here to stay after a student by Eventbrite shows that the number of pop-ups being hosted and searched for by diners is one the rise. Analysing their own platform of events the company found that pop-up restaurants were up by 82 percent from 2013.

The company also say that the number of food and drink events in general is also on the rise with F&D events up by 47% overall when compared with 2013.

To focus further on pop-up experiences the team surveyed 2,000 diners who attended a pop-up experience in the last year. Interestingly, 75% of those people said they believe it’s worth paying more money for a unique dining experience.

The survey also found that cost is not a the primary factor for people when deciding to attend a pop-up. More emphasis is placed on the importance of a unique menu or theme, one-of-a-kind events and memorable locations over that of cost.

The study shows that pop-ups are increasing and that customers not only appreciate these event but are willing to spend more money to attend them. It’s a promising sign for young chefs who want to establish themselves with one-off events, think about the events by The Young Turks - James Lowe and Isaac Mchale both have their own restaurants in London after the success of their pop-ups.

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