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The Business of Pop Up Restaurants

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The Business of Pop Up Restaurants

Pop-up restaurant are still gong strong and we see a number of new temporary culinary experiences and events launching on a regular basis at FDL HQ.

There's something great about feeling part of a unique dining experience and it seems that the model is here to stay with more and more pop up restaurants becoming a lot less temporary.

Danny Bowien's Mission Chinese Food is one of the best examples, started as a temp once a week event in San Francisco to now having two permanent locations in SF and New York.

There's many reasons people enjoy the experience of dining at a pop up and there's also some great business reasons why they make perfect sense for young chefs who want to set up their own place with less risk than traditional restaurant openings.

In this infographic from Intuit the business benefits of starting a pop-up restaurant are laid out. They look at the model and how it offers a chance for people to get a higher profitable chance of starting out. It's a nice look at the business side of pop ups and encouraging for anyone still considering starting their own.


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