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2.5 Tonnes of Plastic Rice Found in Nigeria

By FDL on

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2.5 Tonnes of Plastic Rice Found in Nigeria

Authorities in Nigeria have confiscated over 100 sacks, 2.5 tonnes, of ‘plastic rice’ that was apparently smuggled into the country.

The BBC reports that smugglers were intending to sell the rice at markets during the festive season and that authorities who cooked it said it quickly became ‘very sticky’ after being boiled.

The authorities are still not sure were the rice came. The BBC’s Martin Patience who has actually seen the plastic rice said: “Whoever made this fake rice did an exceptionally good job - on first impression it would have fooled me. When I ran the grains through my fingers nothing felt out of the ordinary.

“But when I smelt a handful of the "rice" there was a faint chemical odour. Customs officials say when they cooked up the rice it was too sticky - and it was then abundantly clear this was no ordinary batch.” 

Fake food is a growing concern around the world, especially in China where plastic rice was found back in 2015.

The video below shows how it's actually made. 


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