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The World's First Plantable Coffee Cup

By FDL on

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The World's First Plantable Coffee Cup

What if the litter people threw on the ground actually grew into plants? It sounds like a totally crazy idea but it’s exactly the logic behind this interesting idea from a company in California.

The Reduce. Reuse. Grow company say they have produced the world’s first plantable coffee cup - a cup that when soaked in water and planted will actually grow.

The idea is to reduce waste in a unique and fun way. The plantable coffee cup will biodegrade within 180 days and leave in its place flowers and even trees.

The company will add native seeds for the specific area where the cups are being sold and say the idea can easily be transferred to other packaging.

As we all look for new ways to reduce our waste, this seems like a solid idea that creates a nice loop of recycling.

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