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Pizza Vending Machines Coming to America

By FDL on

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Pizza Vending Machines Coming to America

There's vending machines for just about anything these days. Books, ipods, cameras and of course the classic drink and snack machines but have you ever seen a vending machine make fresh food?

Let's Pizza is a vending machine that, starting from dough, will make a pizza, apply sauce, toppings and finish it in an oven. The machine is a fully automated pizza maker and is taking its three minute pizza making abilities to the U.S.

They've been in Europe since around 2009 and many airports in Italy have them - the pizza is not amazing but tastes better than most quick snacks from a vending machine - it's almost worth buying one just to watch the machine set about making the food as it flips, spins and forms a perfect pizza every time. But if you can't stand to eat a robot made pizza, here's a video to watch it at home.

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