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Beautiful Pictures from Grant Achatz's Vegan Menu

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Beautiful Pictures from Grant Achatz's Vegan Menu
Photo Adam Goldberg

When Grant Achatz told the world he was going Vegan, it wasn't because he had suddenly changed his eating habits, it was in fact the idea that Achatz and his ingenious crew at the NEXT restaurant in Chicago would be serving over 20-courses in a new vegan tasting menu.

Sharp intake of breath from the entire vegan community - Achatz was about to drop  vegan culinary bombs, flowers made from kale and filled with avocado and lime, a dish to tell the life story of an apple, curry roasted cauliflower, sweet potato nests finished with bourbon marshmallows...Vegan's never been so finger licking good.

At the time we brought you a few grainy Instagram pictures of the dishes and for those our food lust was quenched, a little. Which is why when our friend and photographer Adam Goldberg over at A Life Worth Eating posted these pictures of his visit to NEXT we had to share some of them.

We've selected just a few of the images and you can see a whole load more over on the A Life Worth Eating Flckr page. We also suggest checking out Adam's blog for a steady of stream of wonderful pictures from some of the best restaurants in the world.

Baby Artichokes

Indian Spices Served with Roasted Cauliflower

The Potato Nest

Spaghetti Sqaush and Bolognaise

The Amazing Mushroom Cart

Purple Potato Mouse with Chives

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