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Foul Mouthed Granny Rants About Food

By FDL on

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Foul Mouthed Granny Rants About Food

Gordon Ramsay has gained notoriety thanks to his hard edged, foul mouthed approach in the kitchen – and as much as you might grimace to watch it, you have to admit he makes popular television.

Trying to tag on to this popularity is Granny Potty Mouth and thanks to Food Beast we can show you her crazy videos.

The granny in question, Peggy Glenn, sets about offering up her own curse-ridden recipes as she calls out celebrity chefs, recipes for douchebags and those who don’t cook vegan.

Unfortunately, Glenn isn’t a homemade bad ass granny, instead it seems she’s actually part of a PETA campaign to get people to consider a vegan diet.

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