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"Pay What You Want" Restaurant Promotion Spectacularly Backfires

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"Pay What You Want" Restaurant Promotion Spectacularly Backfires
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A restaurant in China placed a little too much faith in human kindness recently and ended up losing close to $15,000.

The newly opened restaurant in Guiyang devised a promotional campaign whereby customers were invited to pay whatever they wanted for their meals.

Not a new concept by any means, but a risky one, and so it transpired.

As Shanghaiist reports, many diners left the full restaurant paying as little as 10% of the total price of their meals, with some leaving as little as one yuan ($0.15). What’s more, barely any of the customers returned after the promotion had ended.

Owner Liu Xiaojun and her partners expected diners to be “rational and fair” according to reports: “If our food or service was the problem, then that would be one thing,” said Liu. “But according to customer feedback, our dishes are both filling and tasty. It’s just that the payments don’t match up with the evaluations,” she said.

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