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The Humane Foie Gras Farmer

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The Humane Foie Gras Farmer
Photo The Perineal Plate

We've featured the work of the Spanish artisan Pateria de Sousa before on FDL after the chef Dan Barber discussed his work during a TED speech.

Sousa is best known for creating his own variety of foie gras that does not involve the controversial method of force feeding geese until their livers expand. Instead Sousa has gone back to working with the natural changes of nature and revived old production techniques along the way.

In this beautiful video from The Perineal Plate the team visit Sousa on his farm and find out just how he has managed to create a sustainable and humane way to produce foie gras.

On his farm Geese natural fatten themselves before migration allowing for a natural form of the food to form within the geese. This is an insightful look at a man who really does love his geese, spending every day chatting to them and making sure that every facet of their life is in optimum condition.

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    FYI Perineal is an anatomic term, very different from Perennial as in "The Perennial Plate"

  • Friend said on

    thank you Now that is a very humane way to do this process. Still, I was never being able to approve such a thing, but if really needs to be done than this is the perfect way to do it. Very good purpose and way achieved by Sousa. The video made is also good, shows a true transparent process

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