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American's in Love With Pasta

By FDL on

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American's in Love With Pasta

It seems that American's love of Italian cuisine, particularly pasta, continues to rise.In a new study published by the restaurant survey site Zagat it was found that around 44% of the 1,468 people surveyed said they would eat pasta 2 times a week, 23% 3-4 times a week and 21% eat it at least a few times every month.

And it seems this is not any old plastic pasta. 37% of those surveyed said it was extremely important that a restaurant serving Italian cuisine uses authentic and imported ingredients and 22% said it was also extremely important when cooking at home.

The survey was fairly extensive covering a whole range of pasta questions with some interesting findings. Like the fact that 54% of those surveyed would happily pay over $20 for a plate of pasta.

The top three most liked pastas are not the spaghetti or lasagna you may expect but pappardelle, linguine and ravioli, in fact, spaghetti came in 6th out of the ten most loved pastas - strange because the study also found that bolognese remains the preferred pasta sauce of choice.

It seems many of those surveyed have not seen FDL's How to Eat Pasta video as 18% still try to cut their spaghetti with a knife, congratulations to the 40% who use the twirly spoon method.

With all this talk of pasta you may think it's the only Italian dish Americans are interested in but when it comes to needing warmth and comfort it's actually pizza that tops the list with 18% saying it was their preferred comfort food of choice.

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