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Another Restaurant Owner Takes Down a Harsh Reviewer

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Another Restaurant Owner Takes Down a Harsh Reviewer

We recently brought you a top response from a restaurant owner who too exception to a customer writing a one-star Trip Advisor review because she thought that £2 for a cup of hot water and lemon was a preposterous price to pay.

We personally loved the response from earlier in the week but this next one - which is basically another member of staff explaining exactly how a restaurant has to operate to make a profit - is maybe even better.

Here’s the original review.

And here’s that response - we particularly like the part where they invite themselves for dinner at her house in the hope she cooks better food than the chefs in the kitchen.

Sugo Pasta Kitchen: 

“I wanted to respond to you personally as it was myself who looked after your table last night and with whom you had a disagreement. Firstly I’m glad you were happy with my welcome and also thank-you for giving us 5* on service although this does contradict your review slightly.
"In a nutshell you were extremely disappointed that we only allocate 1hr 30mins to our table reservations. The reason for this is very simple; as a small restaurant with just 4 sharing tables we have to have a system that is fair. Fair for our customers who reserve tables (like yourself) and also fair from our side – we have bills to pay and families to feed so I’m sure you can understand we wouldn’t be able to operate and do what we do if we let people occupy our tables for too long.
"If we didn’t make it clear at booking stage that we allocate 1hr 30mins then I whole heartedly apologise although having spoken to Tony who took the reservation over the phone he assures me this was made clear.
"In regards to persuading you to have more starters I’m baffled. For 4 people to enjoy one piece of bruschetta and some artichokes hardly seems excessive, perhaps in hindsight and if I had a crystal ball I shouldn’t have asked you about our Primi but I’d thought you’d really enjoy it which according to your face-to-face feedback you did.
"It’s a shame you feel the need to mock our food, I can’t tell you how many painstaking hours go into what we do but if you’re up for it maybe we can come round to your house for some pasta and artichokes because clearly you feel confident you can do so much better, I’ve heard of cheap blows but this is another level.
"Anyway in closing, it’s extremely disappointing that you didn’t enjoy your trip to Sugo and we’d be more than happy for you to come back – perhaps you could hire the whole place out just to avoid any issues with time.
"On a personal note I believe one of your party (I think the lady that virtually threw the plates at us and demanded the bill) is married to a councillor and apparently I’ve ‘upset the wrong person with the wrong contacts’ – I would be extremely grateful if she could speak to her husband about business rates in Trafford because if they were lower we could perhaps increase our table turn to 2hrs – just a thought.”


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