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Massimo Bottura Will Not Move Osteria Francescana to London

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Massimo Bottura Will Not Move Osteria Francescana to London

Massimo Bottura has denied any claims he may move his restaurant to London, saying: ‘there is a big difference between imagining what one might do in the future and setting down a concrete plan.’

Reports surfaced late last week after Bloomberg ran a piece suggesting the chef may move his Osteria Francescana restaurant from Modena in the North of Italy to London - this was picked up by a number of other outlets but the chef reached out to Fine Dining Lovers to explain that the ‘rumour spreading’ is not correct.

He said: “it is flattering to see how excited people around the globe have been to the suggestion that I might move to London but it is important to set the record straight. There is no plan to move Osteria Francescana to London.” 

He also noted that his latest project, ‘a refectory soup kitchen’ he will operate during Expo Milano 2015 will tie him even further to his home country of Italy.

Those wanted to sample Bottura’s food outside of Italy have the chance at his new restaurant inside Eataly in Instanbul, but the chef is quick to point out that this is certainly not Osteria Francescana - a place that currently sits at number three on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List. “Were I ever in a position to open a restaurant in London, New York or anywhere else it is likely that this restaurant too would be different. Osteria Francescana is not replicable, it exists in a unique place.’

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