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Organic, Fresh and Healthy Fast Food

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Organic, Fresh and Healthy Fast Food

When McDonald's ex chief operations officer announced in 2011 that he would open up a chain of sustainable, energy efficient and organic fast food stores - the world of fast food was a little skeptical.

One year on and Mike Robert's first Lyfe Kitchen venue in California has proved a huge success - taking the classic operation systems of a place like McDonalds and applying them to fresh, organic and preservative free food preparation - the test has worked but the question now is can this model really work across America? Even bigger - can this work across the world?

Mike Robert's certainly thinks so and in this month Wired Magazine sat down to speak with Roberts about just how he proposes to achieve this mammoth task.

It's a look at an entrepreneur who is convinced he's ahead of the curve, a business man with almost 30 years experience in the world's biggest fast food chain, a man who understands the business and a man who firmly believes that Lyfe Kitchen is the future of Fast Food.

The piece looks at Lyfe Kitchen's test venue in Palo Alto, some of the technology employed to help them achieve this dream of sustainable, fresh and organic food and how the model currently employed might scale - Robert's is confident that over the next five years the company will open hundreds of venues across the U.S. and the report in Wired is a great look at how he thinks this is possible and what a huge effect this could have on the entire food industry if Robert's achieves his dream. 

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