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Once Upon A Bite: A Jaw-Dropping Look at Chinese Food

By FDL on

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Once Upon A Bite: A Jaw-Dropping Look at Chinese Food

Once Upon A Bite is a food docuseries that looks at food from a Chinese perspective - it first hit Chinese screens in October 2017. 

Examining Chinese food culture in gorgeous high definition, the eight 50-minute episodes were filmed over four years across 22 countries and four continents documenting the rise of Chinese food worldwideEast meets West.

Embracing international gourmet food as well as that of China, the series is a rich and textured look at the multidimensional context around food and food culture. With such a sensorial and tactile feel to the series, much in the same vein as Chef’s Table, there is attention to detail realised through macro and microphotography.

In fact, the series features a great deal of microphotography that was hard to capture. In episode four there is a sequence of the opening of penicillium that lasts all of ten seconds. That sequence alone took four months to capture.

The first episode, broadcast nationally on 28 October 2018, included 20 types of food from 13 countries and regions. Within 14 hours the documentary had racked up 150 million views. 
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