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4 Points for the Chef of The Future

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4 Points for the Chef of The Future

Olivier Roallinger is a French chef who opened the world famous Masons de Bricourt restaurant in 1982 - receiving three Michelin stars for his cuisine which drew strong influence from the spice trade and international flavours.

In the video below filmed at MAD 4 in Copenhagen, Roallinger talks about his life, his childhood and some of the thing that make him passionate about cooking.

He tells the shocking story of how, at just 20-years-old, he was attacked by a gang of in what he describes as a ‘Clockwork Orange’ style beating, how this period of life changed his outlook and how the years he spent in recovery acted as the catalyst that led him to cooking.

After filling the audience in about his own unique style of communicating history through food, Roallinger finishes with a call to the chefs of today and how he sees their role developing.

He lays out a four point plan as to what he believes the chefs of today should be considering: 

— We must influence the distribution of wealth by buying directly from the growers themselves.

— We must influence nature so that it is not destroyed by overproduction.

— We must influence the preservation of the biodiversity of animal species.

— We must influence the preservation of the biodiversity of fruits and vegetables.

He finished the speech by explaining an important point for the future of the profession, “chefs all over the world must join the movement for humanity to feed itself better”.



Olivier Roellinger: "How the Flavors of the World Came Together in Brittany" from MAD on Vimeo.

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