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Scoops of Foie Gras Ice Cream in NYC...Has Foie Gone to Far?

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Scoops of Foie Gras Ice Cream in NYC...Has Foie Gone to Far?

Pastry chef Sam Mason who runs the OddFellows Ice Cream Co in Brooklyn and a used to work at Wylie Dufresne's wd~50 has developed a range of foie gras ice cream.

The strange concoction arrives after Mason has already become quite famous for his rather unique ice cream flavors. The new foie gras, cocoa and peanut butter combination will join well established classics such as the scoop of maple-bacon, pecan and chorizo cornbread ice cream.

The rather decadent foie gras ice cream is only available to purchase in one scoop portions and we suspect it should be rich enough quench the appetite of anyone who deems it necessary to lather their iced desserts with duck liver.

It's certainly not the first time the controversial ingredient has been combined with a dessert. in 2012 the Umamicatessen donut company risked the wraf of animal rights activists after they created a donut filled with forest berry jam, foie gras mousse and finished with grounded peanuts.

The ingredient has already been banned in the State of California and more recently the government in Israel proposed plans to block the trade of foie gras. It remains one of the most controversial ingredients on the planet due to the way many producers force feed geese to fatten their liver. It's this controversy and often heated exchange that led to chef Russel Jackson receiving death threats after he protested the ban in San Fransico with a range of foie gras themed dinners.

It's loved and hated worldwide and as some continue to call for an outright ban, many chefs, most vocally, Dan Barber, have presented alternative methods to the production of Foie Gras that don't call for the much hated and inhumane approach to force feeding animals. As seen in the video below.

What do you think: Should we ban foie gras entirely? Would you eat a Foi Gras Ice Cream? Should we look to shift production to more humane methods such as those in the video from Eduardo Sousa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on facebook.

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