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The Presidential Pizza Debate

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The Presidential Pizza Debate

When Obama and Romney faced off for their first presidential election on the 3rd of October nearly 68 million people tuned in to watch. It was the largest TV audience for a presidential debate since 1992.

The economy, jobs, foreign policy and education were all topics up for debate, as you may expect at a serious event meant to help decide the next leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world. Pizza, again as you might expect, was not featured as one of the topics.

However, that may change when the two face off again for their live town hall debate on the 16th of October. That's because the restaurant chain Pizza Hut has offered a lifetime supply of free pizza, or a $15,600 check  to anyone brave enough to ask Obama or Romney the question, "sausage or pepperoni - which one do you prefer?"

It's yet another outlandish PR stunt from a chain which already lays claim to delivering the first pizza to space but one that, Associated Press suggests may backfire.

They spoke with Deborah Mitchell, a Clinical Professor of Marketing at Ohio State University, who said: "Political satire is fine if it's in the context of where people are expecting it. When context is violated that's when you run into trouble."

With more and more people now engaging with politics in America this may not work in the Hut's favor. Sure people love pizza in America, about $30 billions worth a year, but are any of those pizza lovers crazy enough to stand in front of two presidential candidates, hot lights in their face, a nation of people sat watching at home - and ask what kind of pizza they prefer? Pizza Hut certainly hope so but we've noticed a huge, vital flaw in the plan...What if they both prefer a nice slice of prosciutto on their pizza?

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