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Bee Larvae Beer, Anyone?

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Bee Larvae Beer, Anyone?
Photo Waugsberg/Wikimedia Commons

The Nordic Food Lab is renown for its research with insects, bacteria and yeast. Now, the research team has paired up with Carlsberg brewery to launch a line of artisanal beer made of rare ingredients like bee larvae.

The Guardian reports Morten Ibsen, master brewer for Carlsberg's specialty brand Jacobsen, will work alongside Nordic Food Lab's  Michael Bom Frost in this entincing endeavor.

The team at the Nordic Food Lab will collect all sorts of plants, spices and raw materials to be used in the beer experiments. Just yesterday, they posted this picture of bee larvae to their Twitter feed.

''We want to promote the idea of beer with fine dining as an alternative to wine and help get a better selection of these in Denmark's top restaurants,'' Ibsen told The Guardian.

A seaweed porter is already in the works to celebrate the centenary of the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. We'll keep you posted on more as things brew along...stay tuned.

Via The Guardian

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