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Noma Update: New Sous Chef and Saturday Night Projects

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Noma Update: New Sous Chef and Saturday Night Projects
Photo Rene Redzepi/Twitter

We love to keep up with what's going at Noma, especially when it comes to Rene Redzepi's Saturday Night Projects. That's why we were excited to hear about a few happenings at the world's best restaurant.

It turns out the Copenhagen restaurant has a new sous chef that hails from Australia (pictured above). Noma disciples have gone on to conquer the culinary world in different ways so expectations must be high. Simply identified as Beau on TwitterRene predicted this former champion boy scout will ''be a great fit.'

The staff has kept busy this week, harvesting shallots even after working 80 hours and preparing a new batch of dishes for the ongoing Saturday Night Projects, in which cooks get a chance to prepare dishes that may end up on Noma's menu.

This week's dishes for Saturday Night Projects included:

Hot Broth with Smoked Plums and Tea Cooked Fennel by Luke from Seattle

Melting Tender Cauliflower with Caramelized Creme Fraiche by Tom from Sydney

Salad of Duck Hearts and Plums by Emil from Sweden




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