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Take a Look at a Demolished Noma

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Take a Look at a Demolished Noma

Here's what the demolished Noma restaurant looks like thanks to the filmmaker Pierre Deschamps who is currently filming a documentary about Rene Redzepi and the team at the Copenhagen restaurant.

The Noma kitchen has been demolished as part of an entire redesign which started at the beginning of July. The new 328-square foot kitchen will feature sleek plating and prep stations and huge spaces for for cooking, as you can see from the 3D rendition below.

It's all part of large changes at the restaurant which had twice been voted the best in the world. Outside Noma the team are also working on a new garden that will stretch around the outside of the restaurant and may see Rene Redzepi start to keep his own bees.

Pierre Deschamps has been filming Noma: My Perfect Storm for over a year and has been working closely with Rene Redzepi and the crew throughout the renovation.


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