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Noma: Nuka'd Vegetables, A Touch of Japan

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Noma: Nuka'd Vegetables, A Touch of Japan
Photo Nordic Food Lab

It's always interesting to see what comes out of Rene Redzepi's Nordic Food Lab. We've witnesses all sorts of experiments - from grasshopper sauce to sauerkraut made under the sea. Now, the team has released information about their latest experiment with nuka.

Nuka is a traditional Japanese technique of making a paste from rice bran and sake to ferment vegetables. This is how Nordic Food Lab blogger Josh Evans described it: ''part sourdough starter, part pickling machine, nuka is a versatile technique for fermenting any and all sorts of vegetables...''

In this case, Redzepi's team used oat bran and beer for their nordic nuka. They experimented by adding a different vegetable each day, creating an environment of diverse flora that eventually led to perfectly fermented sunchokes that still retained a crunch. 

Below you'll find some of the images from the nuka experiment. To read about the full process and get the recipe, check out the Nordic Food Lab.

Just in case, keep your eye out for nuka'd vegetables on the menu at Noma.

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