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Noma's New Garden and Redzepi The Beekeeper

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Noma's New Garden and Redzepi The Beekeeper

We brought you the news recently that the world renowned Noma restaurant in Copenhagen owned and run by chef Rene Redzepi would be closing in July for a full kitchen renovation but with a new post released on the restaurant's website it seems that building work will also be taking place outside the restaurant.

This is because the Noma team are looking to finish construction of a garden outside the restaurant that has been planned for around 2-years. The garden will be more decorative than culinary. Because the restaurant sits very close to the sea plants will drink very salty water making it very complicated to produce edible ingredients.

The team say it will be a fully seasonal garden that constantly changes and that they will look to re-imagine what once existed around the restaurant. They also hinted that the new space may go towards helping Rene Redzepi achieve one of his dreams: "We might even be fulfilling one of Rene's childhood dreams of becoming a beekeeper as we are also currently looking into the possibility of maintaining a few hives around our garden to help with pollination. Lets see if we can make a few dreams come true."

The new garden will wrap around the restaurant and is expected to open when the restaurant reopens on August 1st.

The drawing below shows how the garden will wrap around the entire from of the restaurant.

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