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Noma Mexico in Pics and Vids

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Noma Mexico in Pics and Vids
Photo René Redzepi / Instagram

The world of food adventurers is eagerly awaiting the Noma Mexico pop-up which is planned to open in Tulum in April 2017.

As with all of the previous Noma pop-ups, chef René Redzepi and his crew have been in the country for weeks now to research new ingredients and potential dishes for their upcoming menu.

Redzepi has been keeping his massive list of followers up to date on the happenings through his Instagram page where the chef has been sharing some of the team’s most interesting finds using #NomaMexico.

Below is a round up of some of the pictures and videos shared by the chef from Mexico.

You might also be interesting in finding out more about a unique culinary scholarship recently launched by Redzepi and a new announcement that culinary students in the country will be offered the chance to dine at Noma Mexico for free.


Sweet bun cooked with pork lard, platano mansano (which apprently tastes like apple) and what Redzepi first believed was a massive truffle. It is in fact Name - a swamp root. (Instagram) 


The Sweetest Honey  


Native bees of the Yucatán - a family member of the melipona stingless bees, the honey is soooo good and 10 times the price of regular honey #nomamexico by @reneredzepinoma


Piles of meat, a Mexican spread and Pegelagarto (a prehistoric animal caught in the swamps of Tabasco). Redzepi swears it "tastes like chicken". (Instagram)


Corn Mushroom? 


A delicious Mexican speciality: Huitlacoche (a plant disease turns corn on the cob into mushrooms on the cob, due to the fungus called ustilago maydis) #nomamexico by @reneredzepinoma





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