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Noma to Move to Japan's Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo

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Noma to Move to Japan's Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo
Photo Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Tokyo

Rene Redzepi and his team have announced news that they will be relocating Noma from  Denmark to Japan for a two month period to work at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo, begining June 23rd. 

The news was originally broken in March after Redzepi tweeted, “Dear friends - huge news!! Noma is moving to Japan”, recieving over 200 retweets in less than an hour.

The chef linked to a letter on the Noma website announcing him and the team will move to Japan for a two month period at the beginning of 2015, saying: “The whole staff is exhilarated, like myself, by this opportunity and we believe that the wealth of knowledge from the journey will enrich our own restaurant and cooking when we return to Copenhagen.”

In a more recent update Redzepi has confimed the location of the move to be the Madarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo with tickets going on sale January 9th - 31st January 2015. 

Redzepi added that Noma will be leaving their ingredients in Denmark and instead trying to take their ‘mindset and sensibilities’ with them Japan as a research project.

For more information on the move here's an interveiw with Redzepi dicussing the idea. 

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