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Two Ex-Noma Chefs to Open New Restaurant

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Two Ex-Noma Chefs to Open New Restaurant

It was bound to happen. As the influence of Noma and its head chef Rene Redzepi in Denmark continues to grow so to does the number of protégées and culinary stars that leave his kitchen to start their own projects.

Just as Redzepi, Andrés and Achatz all trained with Ferran Adria before going off to start their own projects, a number of chefs have spent time in the Noma's Copenhagen kitchen only to leave in search of their very own kitchens.

Most notable is the Italian born chef Christian Puglisia who after working with Redzepi opened his informal restaurant Relae. Now, two of Noma's latest stars have announced plans to open their own restaurant in Denmark next month.

Samuel Nutter and Victor Wagman will open the Bror restaurant, also in Copenhagen, and say they will be growing their own vegetables on Sejerø island.

Speaking about the duos plans to open their own place Redzepi tweeted: "Please support these two brilliant young chefs following their dream with no investors - just pure talent & huge balls."

The pair have opened a Twitter account to keep people up to date on the restaurants progress and it's certainly a project we'll be watching closely as it develops.



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