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People Just Bid Over $600,000 for This Old Noma Stuff

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People Just Bid Over $600,000 for This Old Noma Stuff

Restaurant Noma has gone under the hammer, and we’re not referring to the rebuild of Rene Redzepi’s award winning restaurant in Copenhagen. Redzepi and the Noma team held an auction to sell off some of the most famous, wacky, beautiful and historic items from the Noma restaurant and there were some big buyers.

The sale raised over $200,000 just for chairs and around $150,000 for the restaurant’s old ceramics. One set of chairs sold for $16,250 while the total posted on the auction house website was well over $600,000.

Noma worked alongside the premium auction house Wright and the sale saw people bidding on chairs, tables, custom cabinets and a whole host of memorabilia from inside the restaurant. Most of the items are now sold, with a particular piece of big art remaining, estimated at between $20-30,000.

The sale saw some beautiful handcrafted ceramics find new homes while many obscure items were also snapped up. Some bid on stuffed and mounted birds: a Sandpiper fetched $520, a peasant hit $625 while a stuffed puffin clocked in $3,350. A map from the wall of Noma’s private dining room was bought for $813, the old wine list sold for $750 and a felt bread basket, estimated between $100-200, actually sold for $625 - almost every item in the auction fetched way over its estimated value, except in the glassware lots.

It’s a crazy idea to truly sell everything and start over but that’s what Redzepi and his crew are set to do with the opening of Noma.2.

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