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Living Life Without Smell

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Living Life Without Smell

Living life without one of your senses must be difficult, when we think about this we normally imagine what it would be like to live without sight or sound, but what about taste and smell?

The two are intrinsically linked, they provide a massive chunk of the pleasure we perceive when dining, but what would life be like without them?

In a new Podcast published by The Guardian the matter of what it’s actually like to live without smell is explained by people who have lost the sense.

The podcast also examines whether or not a multi–sensory chef can create a dining experience that will excite people who say they have started to see food as fuel because they don’t have the pleasure associated with eating that other people feel.

They say that smell makes up around 70% of our actual taste, without it you’re left with dull palate perception – basic salt, sour, sweet is felt, but the nuances and details of a dish are lost.

Take a listen to this fascinating podcast to understand more about what it’s like to live without smell.


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