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Hundreds of Restaurant Staff Dish the Dirt on Nightmare Customers

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Hundreds of Restaurant Staff Dish the Dirt on Nightmare Customers

If you work in the service industry, especially in restaurants, you’ll know just how irritating it is when you’re faced with a rude customer, bad tipper or even a general manager who has no idea how to run an actual restaurant.

We feel for you, we really do, and we think we may have found a great way for you to let off some of that extra steam after your next shift because we can't all do what Gordon Ramsay does when faced with bad customers. 

A website called Stained Apron allows people working in the restaurant industry to vent about some of the harsh customers they encounter and it’s seriously fun reading.

There’s sections for shaming bad tippers, some great stories from people who have quit their terrible jobs in true style and some hilarious stories from inside the dining room.

It’s the sort of place you find yourself sucked into and if you’ve ever worked in the industry you’re sure to feel some of their pain.

One of the best sections is Your Manager Said What in which waiting staff mention some of the funny, stupid or down right rude things managers have said. 

Ramsay also destroys managers quite well. 

Take a look at the site and share your own horror story. 

You may also be interested in this piece asking the questions, what if restaurants could rate their customers. And remember, not all tippers are bad. 


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