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Italians Bewildered as Lawson Suggests Strange Spaghetti Ingredient

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Italians Bewildered as Lawson Suggests Strange Spaghetti Ingredient


You either love it or you hate it – but would you put it in your pasta? According to cooking goddess Nigella Lawson, the secret to a perfect bowl of pasta is Marmite. 

What's that? That's the sound of Italian grandmas rolling in their grave.

Lawson recently posted Marmite spaghetti as her “recipe of the day”, causing a flurry of fresh comments on what is actually a recipe from her 2010 book, Kitchen.  The television host went further and also upset fans across the Pacific Ocean as she reassured Aussies on the nation's Today Show  that their beloved Vegemite can be used to substitute Marmite for the dish. 

Some loved it... 

The bizarre truth about this controversial recipe is that Lawson says the recipe actually came from an Italian friend, ‘a food writer who had brought her children up eating this’ she said on the show. 

But Britain’s most loved and most hated breakfast spread in pasta is not the first controversial ingredient that Lawson has suggested to home cooks. Partial to the odd culinary shortcut, Lawson caused an even bigger stir back in 2017, outraging Italians all over the world with her spaghetti alla carbonara recipe which included cream. Some recipes are just not meant to be messed around with, especially when it comes to Italian food.

The simple recipe for Marmite spaghetti on her website uses plain pasta, some of its cooking water along with marmite and butter, finished off with a sprinkle of parmesan.

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