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Nigella Lawson Attacks French Cuisine

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Nigella Lawson Attacks French Cuisine
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The TV chef Nigella Lawson has caused some food controversy after her comments against French cuisine made at The Times Cheltenham Literature festival.

Speaking about the culinary world Lawson criticized French foamy sauces, plate decoration and egotistical chefs.

She went on to recite an old ""I think it was probably an Italian who said, 'Italian cooking draws attention to the food and French cooking draws attention to the cook', and there is some truth in that,” she added, “I know I'm sounding anti-French and I'm not.”

The Telegraph reports that a member of the audience then proceeded to ask Lawson what her favorite midnight snack was which she ironically answered baguette and blue cheese.

When it was pointed out to the TV cook she has in fact picked one of the frenchest sounding snacks in the world she replied "I didn't say the French weren't good at eating.

I can't do all the foamy sauces they go in for these days, or all the plate decoration. But the bread and butter, I'll give them that."
It wasn't all anti French as Lawson did highlight the quality of French food by saying "you only have to have a coffee éclair to know you can't beat French cooking at its best."

Do you agree with Nigella's comments or has she gone to far?

Via The Telegraph

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