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Achatz Announces NEXT Themes for 2017

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Achatz Announces NEXT Themes for 2017

Grant Achatz’s every changing NEXT restaurant is set to continue surprising diners in 2017 with the latest announcement of their upcoming dinners.

In a video trailer, the restaurant has laid out plans for three themed dinners including Hollywood, Ancient Rome and The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The video goes a small way in describing what diners can expect from chef Jenner Tomaska but as with all the NEXT dinners, customers will be left in anticipation.

Ancient Rome - the team will use Apicius - an 4th Century cookbook to produce a dinner of historical cuisine through what they say is a ‘modern lens’. “Decadent, delicious, and surprising, amphoras of wine will be plentiful and togas merely optional.”

Hollywood - Imagine some of your favourite food scenes from some of your favourites movies. Now imagine them being cooked by some of America’s best chefs. The trailer promises a taste of every from Goodfellas to Star Wars.

Next: World's 50 Best - speaking with chefs from all over the world, the team will compile a menu of recipes provided by chefs who hold positions on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Tickets for the meals will go on sale December 7th at 10 AM CST.

Next: 2017 Season Tickets from Next Restaurant on Vimeo.

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