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Grant Achatz Announces New 2015 Menus for NEXT

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Grant Achatz Announces New 2015 Menus for NEXT

The new 2015 menus for Grant Achatz’s NEXT restaurant in Chicago have been announced with more exciting themes in store for the restaurant that is always changing.

January to May

NEXT will pay homage to the Bistros of Paris, places embraced by the city after the great flood of 1910 and a places that even today are having a large effect on the gastronomic landscape of Paris, think about Bistronomy.

Achatz and his team promise a’ 5-7 course chalkboard men’u with special and supplements alas available to order. The meal is expected to cost $80-$120 per person, excluding supplements.

May - Sept

From France the team will head quickly to Spain and the traditions of Tapas. What sounds like a relaxed theme of chatting, dancing and devouring small bites that hit the ‘savory, salty, bitter and sweet’ kick.

It will cost $70-$110 per person with the promise of modern and traditional takes on tapas with Achatz reminding us that “small bites in Spain of Tapas or Pintxos are in many ways the predecessor of the long, modernist tasting menus of today.”

September - December

Terroir will be the focus on the final menu of 2015 with a menu that combines wines from all over the world with classic dishes from the same terroir.

The team say the “juxtaposition of New World and Old World wines with dishes from the precise area where the grapes are grown and vinified allows for an incredible, delicious, and educational progression around the world of food and wine pairings.”

This is expected to be around 15 courses with 10 vintage wines and will cost $295-355 per person, including all food and wine.

Here's Achatz dicussing his work in the kitchen in an interview with Fine Dining Lovers. 

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