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New Food Show on Netflix Explains Real Chinese Cuisine

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New Food Show on Netflix Explains Real Chinese Cuisine

Did you know that there is a region in China where olives are a key ingredient in a range of popular dishes? That they are used perhaps more frequently, and prepared in more ways than they might say, in the Mediterranean? That’s what you will find out, and more, in this new series just released on Netflix, Flavorful Origins.

This is a food documentary that gives you insight into what authentic Chinese food looks like. The first season out now on the streaming service focuses on the culinary traditions of Chaosan, a cultural-linguistic region in the east of the Guangdong area in China. 

Ignore the bad dubbing, because the photography and stories are where it’s at. They’re real - not like sweet and sour pork or cashew nut chicken from your local takeaway (which we all know exist only outside of China). Each episode features ingredients, dishes and cooking methods that are unique to this relatively unknown region of the country, starting with olives and all its different varieties that have been growing wild in the region for centuries. A sweet mandarin orange called the Chaozhou orange features in another episode, one that the locals steam, deep fry and dry to use in both savoury and sweet dishes. Oysters have been cultivated since the ancient times in Chaosan, and you will find out about all the genius ways they are preserved, brined, fried and pickled in the region’s rich oyster cuisine. 

Flavorful Origins comes with a strong food porn rating. Expect stunning closeups of food, preparation and lots of eating, but more importantly, learn a whole lot about a cuisine you most likely have never heard of, tasted, or come close to. 

Watch the series here on Netflix: Flavorful Origins

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