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Chef Launches Scathing Attack on Gordon Ramsay

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Chef Launches Scathing Attack on Gordon Ramsay

A British chef has labelled his compatriot Gordon Ramsay, as a once great chef who is now “a terrible ambassador for the industry.”

It's in repsonse to a new show Ramsay has just launched in the UK, called Gordon on Cocaine, in which the Michelin-starred chef investigates the cocaine trade and its impact on the restaurant industry. In it Ramsay claims that the drug is the industry’s “dirty little secret.” And it’s personal for him, he says: a close colleague, David Dempsey, a chef at Royal Hospital Road, died whilst under the influence.

Neil Rankin v Gordon Ramsay

Taking to Facebook, Neil Rankin, of London’s Temper restaurants, launched a scathing attack on Kitchen Nightmares chef Ramsay, arguing that he should be presenting a positive image of the industry, rather than sensationalising the drugs angle. Response to the post has been largely positive, with 2000 likes at time of writing, read it in full below.

Oh fuck off Gordon. Try doing something positive rather than criticising crap restaurants on tv, glorifying Kitchen...

Posted by Neil Rankin on Saturday, October 14, 2017

Speaking to Big Hospitality, Rankin continued in the same vein, saying that Gordon Ramsay had become a caricature of everything the industry was “trying to get away from” and that chefs should be promoting positivity, equality and diversity, rather than focusing on the negatives at a time when restaurants are struggling to fill chefs positions. Drug use is no more prevalent in food than in other industries, such as fashion or finance, says Rankin.

What do you think, was Rankin right to criticise Gordon Ramsay so strongly? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

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