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Restaurant Shuts Down Online Reviewer

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Restaurant Shuts Down Online Reviewer
Photo Dan T / Yelp

A New York restaurant has struck a blow for restaurant owners everywhere with a totally on point reply to a negative Yelp review.

On January 3, Yelp reviewer Dan T posted his thoughts on Chisai Poké Bar in Brooklyn, which holds four stars on Yelp currently:

We've walked inside this place twice, once when it was a sushi bar, then again after it pathetically pivoted to meet the poke fad, and it stunk on both visits. The Door was too spring loaded on our return, but we were offered water while we (the only customers) awaited our pickup order, and the food was at least mediocre for the standard.”

As Gothamist reports, the restaurant waited until January 9 to respond, but when they did, well, they pretty much nailed the problem with many so called online reviewers who take their roles as amateur critics a little too seriously. Here’s one choice couplet:

When you mention the word "pathetically", we can't help but visualize you sitting in front of your computer or phone crafting over 7500 yelp reviews. We did some quick math, and based on an average review time of 8 minutes (could be conservative), you have spent around 1000 hours writing reviews that no one but yourself and the small business owners you critique will read.”

Ouch! Read the response in full below.

While online reviews serve a purpose, unfortunately there are some people who seem to delight in trashing a restaurant’s reputation.



Quite possibly the best ever chef response to a negative review


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